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Talent Andrii Osypchuk, Bar Manager, Gaucho Dubai

He started his hospitality career as a waiter when I he was 19 during his university years in order to make some extra cash. When he was a waiter at university, all the bartenders were doing some amazing bottle tricks and insane cocktails and he wanted to be like them. Then he got the chance to get behind the bar where he met some of the most talented mixologists known to date. With their passion and creativity, they really inspired him to grow and to come up with some of his own cocktails, which are known internationally.

Favourite aspect of his role is to use his creativity and to blow people away. He love seeing the reactions on the faces of his customers when they are drinking his cocktails; it gives him a great feeling every time.

During the photo shoot, I really see his creativity and passion about the cocktails like I didn’t see from no one. His perfection blows my mind regarding how making the perfect cocktail. Above picture was nominated as best photo in Foodelia competition I think the reason was not because of my skills on camera but his passion to make the perfect cocktail.
Below cocktail is his creation that has been used for 2016 cocktail menu.

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