Celebration of the Beef


Gaucho Annual Divine Bovine celebration in September.

This year Gaucho welcome you to join them in bringing together the Gaucho family from all corners of the globe. On this unforgettable night, Gaucho will pay homage to all things beef by hosting an exciting culinary journey exploring and celebrating the most revered Argentine pairing of all – Beef and Malbec.

Through the wonders of super-charged social media interaction, they will linking all of the restaurants. Kicking off in Hong Kong, they journey through Dubai, then London before reaching there final destination at there sister restaurant in Buenos Aires, Sucre.

For more info on Divine Bovine CLICK HERE for there event run-through, including the 5 course menu.

For this project was some pressure on me, as I was basically shooting for all continents in the world. Chef director Jamie come in Dubai to make photo-shooting with me. Bellow you can see few pictures that we make together:

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