Cocktails from Markos Garvin


The best cocktails are the ones we drink with friends!

Long forgotten photo shooting from my beginnings in Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. I respect few people here in Dubai my boss as I need too and a few friends that I can count on my fingers. Markos is definitely one of them. Funny he was the first one to tell me that I’m an artist. I still not consider my self as an artist but when someone tells you after showing him pictures from the back of the camera something like this is priceless.

Few words about him.

He was born and raised in Barcelona, where his passion for cocktail making began. After studying Business Administration and working in logistics, he realized that his weekend job was his true passion, bartending.

After he left university, he attended all the cocktail events he could find, Master Classes with alcoholic beverages and work experience, and purchased all the materials and books to expand his knowledge. It was important for him to approach the best in the business for advice, including Sergio Padilla Molina, of Spain, Joao Eusebio, of Portugal or Jorge Balbotín of Chile. This was where he truly began to understand the drinks themselves and all the possible processes for their elaboration.

This lead to his entrepreneurial adventure, setting up a company with integrated cocktail services, with two good friends, Javier Sánchez Muiños and Cristian Cascales Sánchez, named Liquium Cocktails. This new project forced him to express himself and allow him to establish strong relationships with major international distributors such as Diageo, Vanguard, Pernod and more. Together they were able to share their success during the growth of the Barcelona cocktail industry. Alongside, he also had the opportunity to grow with great creatives like Francisco José (Kiko) Castellano Mancha and Jordi Brichs Sancho.

From here, he moved to Ibiza, where he worked in top destinations, such as Ushuaia, Bambuddha, Pacha and Lio Ibiza. There, he had guidance from Juan Olmos del Amo (Spain), Sebastián Rodríguez Mallow (Argentina) and Matildo Nieva Gessel (Argentina). This is where his passion and entrepreneurial sides struck a balance, and he became interested in creating great cocktails in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The opportunity then arose in the UAE, his friend Sacha Boulesteix, give him chance to be executive bar manager. This position leaves him in charge of the operation and the creation of menus for Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, listed among the best beach clubs in the region, and Bagatelle, a French-style restaurant that has managed to create a unique environment and identity, with both brands known internationally. This was his new family, a new home and he was looking forward to the future here.

He enjoys all the elements of the bar management, from the drinks to the graphic design, through to the products and suppliers, stations and work systems. He has worked in all types of premises, from the simplest to the most exclusive, and he been lucky enough to learn from a number of internationally renowned professionals.

At the moment you can taste his cocktails in Chiringuito Blue Ibiza that just open the door this year. If you will stay in Ibiza and want to escape from the city buzz I highly recommend this place for afternoon lunch and refreshing cocktails from Markos menu. If you into the cocktails check out my blog Recipes for a Summer Party with Tequila that put together Linden Consultancy or my Food page for your hungry eyes.


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